The Best Sales Strategy And Script Ever

All customers are often known as the hanging fruit, conversion rates, foot traffic, and closing sales, etc..If you believe the customer as foot traffic, conversion rates, low hanging fruit, statistics and measure their behavior in a number, then you would most probably a manager or an accountant and chances are do you function in isolation from the coal face?

You will crunch the numbers (foot traffic) you will probably perform the weekly sales meeting and provide some type of motivational speech on how best to close the sale. To know more about sales strategies you can visit

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What does that mean by closing the sale? Do you close the door? And after the sale is completed, the money was at the cash register, and bingo you have forgotten the faces and names of people that you only sell products to? When that customer comes back then you will pretend to recall him, is that being sincere? You quickly move to another part of this low-hanging fruit and closing fast because you are on commission and compete with your sales partners to another, or you compete with your customers. You will do anything to get customers to buy.

It’s all geared towards short-term profits, or as one instructor in a circuit-sales network mentioned”low hanging fruit”. A successful sales professional will be visible beyond and over to work and he would push the boundaries of his service every time, he wouldn’t think of customers concerning low hanging fruit, closing sales, conversion rate or foot traffic. He’ll attempt to build relationships, engage on the basis of mutual trust. It is a basic human need in almost any relationship, trust is based on sincerity. We consciously search for sincerity and character of the others and if the quality is not detected foundation marred which makes it almost impossible to come up with long-term customer relationships.