Tennis Lessons For Kids

When looking for a good sport for their child, more and more parents are starting to turn to tennis. A lot of kids tennis classes now offer preschool tennis programs as well. Here are some of the benefits of playing tennis:

  • The obvious one – learning good sportsmanship skills and provides plenty of good exercises
  • Improved hand-eye coordination
  • Teamwork skills
  • And finally making decisions in a split second

As your child gets older, the lesson time will increase and can go up to one hour – and also the duration can increase from once to twice a week – It all depends on how keen your child is. Unlike in preschool programs, most schools expect the players to have their own racquet.

Purchase a good racquet as that is the main equipment (apart from the ball) – A good racquet will definitely help them improve their game.

Pick an instructor who works well with your child. And it is important that you also be patient with your child – don't expect great results from day one – Give it some time and stick with it. Don't move them around different sports every term.

Also, try and find a tennis school that is close to where you live. As parents we all know how time and effort consuming it is to take the kids to different activities – so by picking a good school, close to where you live will at least help you save a bit of time and effort.