Interior Design When the Screens

It is often used in interior design when the display screen, also known as a screen door or barrier refers to the doors and windows between screens. Ancient home page form civil construction, of course, not as modern steel and concrete structure of the house is sturdy, solid. Therefore, in order to advance the wind began to produce this furniture screen, and more on both sides of the screen in the bed or bed to achieve the effect of the wind.

 Some house pattern in the design or decoration is not ideal, such as the living room and the dining room is connected to no movement run clear of the screen can be placed between the living and dining room, decorative effect is not only, but also allows the pattern in the room clearly separated out. You can navigate for getting more information about wooden architecture.

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The selection of the interior design of the screen, the first heavy materials; Best choice wooden screens, including screens bamboo and paper screens wooden screens. The screen effect of plastic and metal materials are relatively poor, especially the metal screen, its own magnetic field on the instability, but also interfere with the body's magnetic field, is not good.

In addition, the screen height is not too high, and should be no more than the average person of high standing; Otherwise, the display center of gravity is too high, but it is easy to provide pressure, potentially resulting in the use of psychological burden Wall of China is the most common market, the price according to their choice of wood, wood-carving, size, and other gaps. 

Why You Should Choose Antique Wooden Floor

Antique wooden floors, or reclaimed wood floors, are recycled floors of historic buildings built in and around the turn of the century. Many believe that antique wooden floors bring a rich tradition and warm atmosphere to their homes. Whether your goals are contemporary or more traditional, rustic, or magnificent reclaimed wood from America's past is truly the heart and soul of today's elite design vision.

Many believe that antique wood flooring is the choice of those who want beauty and uniqueness that will express individuality and timeless style. Hardwood floors definitely provide the warmth and strength of the house. If you want to get more information about wooden architecture designs then you can browse

Reclaimed wood floors not only add style but also history. Usually today many of the leading antique floor manufacturers are located in the South and Northeast, but there is also a small industry of small sellers. Apart from the provider, you should choose one that has become an old seller.

First and foremost, any floor, new or old, must be able to support human weight and daily activities. While it seems quite logical and doesn't need to be mentioned, this is something to consider when dealing with antique wood floors.

Antique wood floors are very old wood which may be unstable due to rot, insect damage, and various other elements. Ideally wood that has been damaged by weather, water leaks, and insects is not what you are looking for.