Getting Kidney Failure from Diabetes

Once diagnosed with diabetes, there is a high chance, although it is not 100% that kidney failure will follow soon. Before the adult kidney failure becomes full, there will be five stages that the patient is going through. Some stages are briefly discussed below.

Stage 1

Hyperfiltration: initially, when you first come down with diabetes, your kidneys will begin to enlarge. Because of enlargement, they seem normal functioning well. They started cleaning up waste from your body at a faster pace. You can also look for the best truvada kidney lawyers online.

Truvada Kidney Problems

Stage 2

Microalbuminuria: signs of damage began to show in the glomeruli, while the filtration rate remains high. Initially, the traditional urine dipstick will not trigger a positive test when the amount of albumin is not enough. A more sophisticated test for microalbumin should be performed, to provide appropriate reports from patients.

Stage 3

Proteinuria: In the third stage is reached, the glomeruli will be more and more damaged, leaking even more albumin in the urine. This will reduce the body's ability to filter waste. This can cause blood levels of two blood components to increase. They are known as creatinine and urea.

Stage 4

Advancing clinical nephropathy: At this stage, the blood cannot be filtered by the kidneys are damaged. Current urine contains a large amount of protein leakage. Both components of blood are covered in stage 3, Creatinine and urea in the blood increases as well.