How To Restore Fireplace In Melbourne?

With technological advances and the emergence of central heating in the 1950s and 1960s, many people blocked fireplaces to use modern radiators. Strange as it seems now, covering the fireplace is de rigueur.

It's easy to spot if you have a block over the fireplace – you will see the chimney chest in your room and of course the chimney. You can get the professional fireplace restoration services in Melbourne.

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First, you need to decide whether you will need to re-install the chimney. Are you unblocking the fireplace just to make a feature or use an Electric Stove or do you intending to burn solid fuel in the Fire Basket?

If you unblock the fireplace just to make a feature or use the Electric Stove, you don't need to restore and check the chimney.

In this case, it is important for you to use expert services because there are many safety implications in the renovation of the chimney.

Remember that carrying a chimney requires certain tests and certifications to ensure the suitability of the chimney. This certification can only be done by a professional.

After the Fireplace has been restored, you can continue to dress up the Fireplace with several available Fireplace Accessories.

Or, if you haven't reactivated the chimney, the Fire Basket can make a good design statement. End the display with the Fire Guard.

Or, you might want to put an Electric Stove in the Fireplace. This is very good where there is no chimney and is very easy to install. Just plug it in and turn it on.

Finally, you can add Fireplace Accessories such as Coal Buckets and Fire Companion Devices to complete the display. The latter includes various useful Fireside Tool such as clamps.