What Does Dental Implant Surgery Really Look Like?

Dental implants are a type of permanent artificial tooth. They are ideal for filling gaps created by the extraction or loss of a tooth, such as tooth decay. In addition, many people take advantage of these false teeth because they improve the appearance of a person, not to mention the improvement of his speech and chewing abilities.

Once you have decided to use this procedure, the next step is to understand what the surgical procedure will offer and what you can expect. Dental implant surgical procedure requires more than one appointment with your dental provider.

You will work with a dental surgeon who will first determine if you have the right density and the right amount of jaw bone to use this process. If so, a titanium rod is inserted into the jawbone. This will be the base or anchor of the new tooth. If there is not enough bone present, a bone graft may be needed.

This is necessary because the bone must be durable enough to support the chewing action. The transplant can come from areas such as the hip.

Once the dentist has determined the proper method for inserting the stem, he does this by first cutting the gum to expose the bone. Then, more than one hole is drilled in the bone where a cylinder will be placed. It works like the root of the tooth in natural teeth.

The cylinder, which is often a titanium rod, is inserted deep into the bone structure. Then you will be given a temporary prosthesis to hold the place for several weeks while the gum and bones are healing.