Joint Supplements For Horses – Why Horses Need Joint Support

Horses have evolved to spend most of their time with their heads on the ground eating grass. This posture stretches your back and tracing constantly keeps your joints and muscles moving.

When we stabilize our horses, we place them in a much more mobile environment. By feeding in straw nets and manger we reduce neck and back stretching and all this increases the risk of back and joint problems. You can get joint supplements from

Mutual support

A clear and precise sports regime is important but nutrition also plays a role. Every horse with osteoarthritis tends to become stiffer and suffer more pain because the weather is getting colder.

Lack of movement will allow cartilage and synovial fluid to damage and provide less cushioning. This can exaggerate the pain from the end of the bone which is rougher than it should be due to the disease.

Supplements that contain nutrients that support these joints, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, can help. Some pain relief can be achieved with MSM and some herbal products although this somewhat masks the problem.

Joint supplements are a controversial area and much is written about the ability of horses to absorb many of the commonly used ingredients. Readers must satisfy themselves that the product is well formulated – the strongest is not necessarily the best!