How to pick the right wine?


For a beginner, it is hard to pick up a fine bottle of wine. Moreover, due to inexperience, wines come in a bunch of varieties making it confusing. However, you can pick up a good bottle of wine worth your money with these 3 main factors; flavor, aroma and taste.

Let’s focus on some of the key differences between these 3 factors.

  1. Taste – Taste is what happens inside our mouth and tongue. Taste is what allows us to get more information on the drinks and food we consume. On the surface of the tongue, there are 2 important receptors called taste-buds and mouthfeel present. When it comes to defining wine; taste-buds allows is to differentiate between bittern sour, sweet and salty. On the other hand, mouthfeel is all about describing a wines texture.
  2. Aroma – Aroma is all about defining the odor coming from the wine. Similar to the tongue, our nose has receptors that allow us to pick the odors present on floating compounds. Due to the presence of alcohol in wines, it tends to evaporate quickly allowing the nose receptors to pick up the odors.
  3. And finally, Flavor –Flavor is the combination of the taste, aroma and mouthfeel allowing us to describe the intensity of flavors coming from food and drinks. Flavor usually depends on the brain that sends information whether it is negative or positive.

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