Things To Ask From A Real Estate Agent Before Buying Property In Singapore

Buying property in Singapore can be a difficult and lengthy procedure. You need to hire an experienced and honest realtor who simplifies the process for you. To be sure that you have selected the perfect professional for selling your house, ask these important questions.


It’s really important to ask about their experience various sellers skip this question. The expertise of a real estate agent tells you that his ability to deal with the deals. Additionally, it tells you how much a specialist is aware of the local area. If you want to get more info about buying property in Singapore then you can click here now.

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Present properties offered by him/her

This question may seem a bit small at first, but it is going to tell you the wisdom of the agent. An agent, who has sold 4-5 properties like yours, is effective at selling your home effectively.

Marketing plan

The rate of selling a house is proportional to the quality of the advertising program. Ask the agent about how s/he plans to advertise your home to the maximum number of prospects. The agent will inform you about online listings and use of the vast network of the procedure.

Communication Skills

A good deal of other questions arises in your mind during the selling procedure. And, you will need to know all of the mediums to contact your agent. Additionally, discuss the timings when s/he won't be able to respond to your queries.