Do You Know Your Reggae Music Artists

 Well, do you? You probably just know one. Probably Bob Marley. Not that it is not a good thing to know just him because he is a legend already. Still, he made it famous and it introduced this type of music to all other artists. There a lot of them out there that you should listen to like Sublime. Although we cannot really make sure how relevant they are these days, just that their songs are some that most knew. So, do YOU know a reggae music artist?

Even if this type of thing is not your cup of tea, you cannot deny that once their beat starts dropping, you get a little relaxed upon listening to it. That is what they do. They make you relax as they rant and sing about freedom of speech and their love for freedom itself.

It is a bit funny since we all want it too. The funny part is that while we have freedom of speech, we are still being held down by the bigger guys up there and tell us not to speak of what we think might be right. With the world the way it is now, all the Social Justice Warriors out there who preach about freedom of speech.

But then again they screech at you if you so much as say something is wrong. These days, even if you make a song about it in reggae form, there is like a seventy percent chance that people will harp on you about it. About how insensitive you are or something or the other.

They will always find something to yell at you about even if it was just something so small or even just a joke. Because apparently, if you joke about it and laugh about it, you are suddenly an insensitive bigot. For laughing at a joke, apparently.

Ah, what has the world come to? How much we miss the simpler times when it was just easy to make a joke and not worry about offending anybody about it. It must be hard to make music like that now.

Where you want to freely express yourself but have so much difficulty because you are worried about offending the media and then have the press come down on your ass. So far, these things with our freedom in terms of speeches has only made us hypocrites. Sure, it is easy to be offended and feel like we are being attacked.

But that only happens if you CHOSE to be offended by something. If not then you are only living freely and not nagging on someone who does not deserve it. The artists that we know back then? Yeah, they are probably taking a back seat because of how the world has gone to absolute hell right now.

Still, that does not stop most of our favorites from trying, eh? It might be hard to make GOOD music from now on but if you are REALLY talented and a genius then we are sure you can make it. Might even still stay relevant if you do your part enough.