Know All About Eyebrow Threading- The Highlight of The Face

A pair of nicely shaped eyebrows could be the biggest highlight on the face of a woman. Beautiful eyebrows can make your appearance, and they can also make you appear exquisite. Also, a pair of nicely shaped brows can frame your eyes and make them the highlight of your face.

The perfect brow shape differs from face to face, and it can either make your eyes appear larger or smaller. Threading is an art which provides a definition to the brows to enhance the natural shape and face. The shape of eyebrow also depends on trends; however, that fades away with time. You can browse to get more info about brow services.


The best eyebrow shape depends on various factors. They include:

  • Method- The best brow threading salon uses the most effective and most efficient speed and precision techniques for the best result.
  • Thread- The 100% Egyptian cotton thread makes for a lovely and tender experience for threading.
  • Angles- Angles are important which make a huge difference in pulling the hair and shaping the brow.
  • Speed– The speed should be adjusted to provide a comfortable experience to the client.
  • Space- This is essential as many people feel uncomfortable when professionals breathe down the neck.
  • Symmetry- To maintain symmetry among brows is another challenge. Though professionals try hard, yet no two brows can be symmetrical.

The Technique

Every professional follows an eyebrow threading technique. The best technique is the one that provides the most efficient results. The technique is:

  • Begin with Inner Edge- The inner edge of the brow must be parallel to the nostril to bring the exact shape.
  • Brow Brush and Mascara- Brushing the inner edge with a brow brush and mascara wand could get a better shape for the brow. The natural hairline also should be trimmed.
  • Determining the Arch- The arch is the highest point of the brow. To determine the arch hold a pencil diagonally reaching to your nostril starting from the iris of the eye.
  • End of the Brow- End of the brow should be marked by holding a pencil just like you did for the arch. There are 3 basis points of eyebrows including the ones mentioned above. When these points are measured properly, the brow will be shaped nicely.