What Is Aerophobia And How To Control It

Aerophobia is better described as an anxiety disorder and in common with all phobias, it comes from thinking about what might happen rather than what is actually happening.

Your mind is intrinsically linked to your body and when you think scary thoughts your body acts as if the thing you are thinking is actually happening. Picturing disaster thoughts in your mind tricks the body into thinking these things are actually happening so it's no wonder you are having a physical reaction.

Who wouldn't be scared by the thought of dying a horrible death in a burning aircraft? Those people without the fear of flying are not running the same mental movies like those with aerophobia. That's the only difference.

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The reason you have this phobia is because of the mental pictures you create as you fantasies on what might or could happen. If you change your mental movie you will change your reactions and you will become one of the people who fly comfortably and easily.

What Can You Do About It?

You weren't born with a fear of flying, you learned it somewhere. Maybe you remember the initial incident and maybe not, it really doesn't matter. When you learn anything new, constant repetition turns it into a habit and it is installed into the mind like a piece of software.

Whenever you think of the thing you fear your mind automatically runs the old familiar software program which in this case is fear of flying and you experience all the psychological and physiological effects that go with the fear.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to uninstall the old software program and install another one? Wouldn't it be fantastic to book a flight and actually look forward to it? Wouldn't it be wonderful to erase those old thoughts and imaginings and replace them with new ones which would make you feel happy and relaxed while traveling?

I can promise you that it is possible to change your disaster pictures to life-enhancing ones. Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT for short has very effective techniques that can be used for deleting old unwanted programmes and installing new and more uplifting ones.

The techniques are easy to use and I personally have assisted many people to release the fear of flying and many other phobias using the techniques found in EFT. Are you ready to be free right now?