How to Find Lodging in Beijing?

Together with the commercialism of Beijing has arrived on the proliferation of lodging alternatives for westerners.

Hotels which are rated 1 – or – two-stars are clean and cheap, and might or might not have employees who speak English. Three-star resorts are a step over, using a television, telephone, private bath, and cold and hot water. These resorts usually have a pub or cafe and are staffed by English-speaking men and women. Properties which are rated four- or five-star are normal to upscale American resorts with gyms, room service, and both western and Chinese food.

Youth hostels are a favorite type of accommodation for several young travelers. They’re made to be clean and safe with limited comforts. Bathrooms are often shared by numerous lodgers, and sleeping arrangements might be less than personal. Youth hostels are, though, a fantastic place to satisfy fellow travelers from throughout the world, share experiences, information, and make new friends. Are you searching for Beijing apartment for rent? Visit

For long-term remains in Chinese cities, leasing a flat is a really viable choice. Due to the new property boom in Beijing, there are lots of flats available for lease to westerners. Before leasing a Chinese flat, however, it’s ideal to do a great deal of research and make sure you manage truly dependable sources. By employing the World Wide Web to explore past experiences of other tenants, you’ll have the ability to receive helpful hints in addition to avoid a few of the pitfalls which leasing in a foreign nation can produce.

Additionally, numerous western realty companies have offices in major Chinese cities and they could have the ability to aid you on your search to discover long-term lodging. When seeing apartments in Beijing, take care to devote some time taking a look at the rental, as prerequisites might be different than that which you’re used to.