Tel Aviv Jaffa – A Beautiful City

Tel Aviv Beach: Tel Aviv Jaffa is one of the most happening cities in the world. Take in some rays, watch the sunset, and if you're feeling energetic play some matkot (beach tennis – you may well get asked to play by diehard matkot players, especially if you're a blond, bikini-clad tourist!) or join in the guys playing beach volleyball. The beach is perhaps the ultimate free gig in Tel Aviv! To know more about the tel aviv tours, you can check out via web.

Tel Aviv Jaffa is one of the most happening cities in the world. Once you visit this city with your family, you will never face a boring moment. It can offer everything to the tourist from an exotic nightlife to mouthwatering cuisines. It is easy to catch a tel aviv jaffa flight since el al runs flights to this city. 

Tel Aviv promenade: Walk along the Tel Aviv promenade and then park yourself somewhere as the sun sets. You can do this practically all year round but I'd highly recommend it in the spring or autumn, when some clouds are usually around to add some pzazz to the sunset. 

Free Walking Tour: Take a free walking tour of Tel Aviv, available through the Tel Aviv municipality all year round (except for Yom Kippur). There are four basic tours which are led by a qualified tour guide, and a series of go-it-alone tours, marked in orange. 

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