Using Referral Cards For Promotion

Would your business benefit from customer or other business referrals? There are very few that wouldn't. There are some very affordable and effective methods of reaping the benefits of referrals.

First let's describe a couple of situations that the use of referrals is a money maker, then you can apply your business models to the examples. You can visit to know more about printing services.

Stylist – A stylist in a salon wants to benefit from their existing happy customers. Provide existing customers with referral cards to give to their friends and family. For each card that comes back, offer a discount on next service, a free service or whatever fits into your budget. The key is to make it worth their while to pass the cards out to friends and family.

Eyewear Shop – An eyewear shop that sells frames and prescription lenses wants to increase their business. Have pads of referral cards made up and deliver them to optometrists that do eye exams but do not sell eyewear.

Establish some kind of payment or other form of compensation for each referral sent that buys from your place of business. This is a very effective and simple way to grow your business.

Now let's get into the referral cards themselves. What we recommend to our customers is using a standard notepad with gummed adhesive at the top.

Rather than lines or spaces to write notes, the notepad sheet is printed with business information including your businesses address, logo, phone number, offer, etc. Each card contains a space that the person that refers signs their name so that you know who should benefit from the referral.

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