Can Bed Bugs Hide in Memory Foam Mattresses?

The last thing you probably ever want to hear is that you have bed bugs living in your new memory foam mattress! Or are they? Can bed bugs really live in memory foam? Well, yes and no. It is difficult to explain.

While bed bugs can invade your memory foam mattress through a rip or tear in your memory foam cover, they probably don't actually get into the foam itself. However, they can live and breed on top of the foam. If they get under the mattress cover, it makes a great place for them to hide during the day.

If you are getting bitten at night by something, but you never see any bugs in the day time, that is common with bed bugs. Look for little black specs along the seams of the cover. That would be the bed bug poop! Yes, it's disgusting. If you have a box spring, they can easily get inside there and hide through any little opening. You might also find red blood spots on your sheets where you can squash one in your sleep after they have fed on your blood. Yes, also disgusting!

Find out more information about bed bugs and memory foam mattresses at sites like Luxury of the Pharaohs. Find out more ways to spot them and what you can do to rid yourself of them if you have them. No one should have to share their sleeping space with a bed bug. Either you or them will have to go and preferably it will be the bed bugs!

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