The Best Preconditions for Cloning

For starters, think of the standing of your grow area. If you're an outdoor grower, then you'll have the best growing results you should clone in a climate with a long growing period. This is only because clones will be briefer compared to their parent plant.

The most important factor to consider when planning replicating would be the health of the mother plant. The parent plant is going to be a fast grower with a healthy root system, bountiful returns, and powerful and taste buds.

Additionally, it is best to opt for a female parent plant which sprouted from a normal speed as opposed to a feminized seed. Cannabis seeds may be feminized when placed under strain. But too much anxiety can actually make the seed to develop into a hermaphrodite.

Ensure the timing is ideal for your parent plant before trimming your initial clone. When some growers attempt to make the most of their harvest by cloning throughout the flowering phase, this can be a dangerous approach.

It's significantly harder to get a replica's roots to take hold during the flowering phase which elevates the high probability that the clone won't survive. To buy clones online you can browse to

As a result, the ideal time to decrease your clone is roughly two to three weeks to its vegetative stage. This time period best sets up the clone to take root.

Finally, to provide the clone with the maximum possibility of survival, decrease the parent plant nitrogen by roughly 10 per cent per week or two before cutting its own clone.

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